Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh my Ears and Whiskers....

...I'm Late!

Once again I've been lost in Wonderland. Everything in the project except for the White Rabbit on a penny farthing bicycle was found in my studio. I have a lot of stuff... A LOT.
  I also need to give a nod and a Thank You to Inka at Altered Artifacts for her digital images. Some are free on her blog and others I purchased from her Etsy shop.

I am not sure what I want to title this piece. I am open to suggestions.

So what have you been creating? And where do you find your inspiration and materials?

Post a comment. I love hearing from you!



This is just soooooo stunning! It totally embodies the nostalgia of "Wonderland" ... Gosh and what detail it has as well! Love Love those legs! and the tiny teacup is to die for!

artistamyjo said...

Whay a charming piece,so much fantasy here.
Isn't Inka's site grand? I just painted the White Rabbit.
Hugs, amy

Nancy Y said...

Oh, I LOVE this too! It's the most Curious Curio! Beautiful Work!
Nancy :D

Carolyn said...

What a talented artist you are! I really like many of your projects along with this challenge piece. I admire you for teaching others and sharing your talents.