Thursday, October 07, 2010

coffin trinket box

Last year I bought some purses for the studio. They were in the shape of a coffin and pretty darn cool if you ask me. I had two of them left from last year and decided to do something to dress them up a bit. I removed the strap and turned the coffin every which way. On it's side, laying flat, standing up....I finally settled on converting it to a trinket or dresser box. Way back in the day people kept a small decorative box on top of their dresser to keep things in that were important or special to them.

 In the early 1930's the Lane Cedar Chest Company used to give miniature cedar chests to young women about to graduate from high school by inviting them to pick up a free miniature chest at their local furniture store. My mother had one and it was filled with all sorts of bits and pieces; letters, receipts, photographs ,keys....I was fascinated by that little wooden box with it's tiny key on a red satin ribbon that hung from the lock.

I could have just left the box alone, after all it is a coffin and pretty cool just like that. But no, I had to dress it up a bit. So....going to my stash of ephemera and other embellishments I created this "Goth Box" complete with owl, ghost, black cat, clock tower and creepy kid. I even cut open the door and have a picture of a kid with a skeleton behind it. The edges are trimmed in sheer white ribbon with small spiders printed on it and each point of the box has a black ribbon rose on it.

Sweet huh?