Friday, November 30, 2012 hear sleighbells in the snow....

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....  
When I was growing up my Mom had this thing about Christmas.

She. LOVED. It.

The Decorating. The Shopping. The Baking. the Giving.

                                              ...have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....

Our house was transformed from the day after Thanksgiving until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th with festive decorations.  The banister in the living room to the piano, the buffet and the big mirror. The mantle, the front door, the dining room and even the kitchen had a bit of Christmas Cheer.

Then there was the tree. Oh my - that tree was so loaded with lights and decorations that it looked magical. And, in a way it was. Because every morning of the weeks leading up to Christmas the pile of presents under the tree grew. Some years I swear the tree was held up by the presents because I remember a few Christmas mornings when the tree fell over after all the presents were distributed. 

Red and green all through the house.
Glitter and tinsel and lights.
Decorations made at Scouts
The advent wreath with new candles
Perry Como, Bing Crosby, The Little Drummer Boy, The Boston Pops
The Nativity Scene handmade by Dad - but you can't put the Christ child in the manger- he hasn't been born yet!

It was such a time of anticipation and wonder.

...Just like the ones I used to know...
There were TONS of presents ( imagine 5-6 gifts per child and there were EIGHT kids- add in gifts from grandparents and as we got older gifts to each other and spouses and grandchildren and Mom and Dad- yeah pretty darn amazing) but my parents didn't let in commercialism. It was about family - and food.

We spent a weekend early in December making cookies and Italian Goodies so we could make up "Goody Trays"- as Mom called them- to give away to neighbors and friends. The sibs and I spent countless hours staging our own version of the First Christmas on cold December nights or going out into the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols.

The Annual Christmas Party at the American Legion
" Timothy Mouse"
 "Going on a Bear Hunt"
And the visit from Santa Clause
Red mesh stockings filled with an orange and nuts and candy
Christmas cards strung across the doorway into the kitchen
Making ravioli for Christmas dinner

.....through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow....

...and have yourself A Merry Little Christmas now

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eat. Drink. Shop.

What more can you ask for. These are the Big Three for me. Good food- Good Wine and Shopping With Friends. My 3rd Annual Santa Baby Open House is tomorrow night from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.

 This year I put James in charge of the food and drink. It was time to delegate.  He came up with some wonderful choices that I can't wait to try:
Roasted Eggplant Spread
Greek Olive Bruschetta
Tzatziki Spread
Pinot Grigio Salami
Rose' Salami
Chianti Salami
Smoked Salmon
Creme Filled Cookies in
Cafe Mocha
and Tiramisu flavors

ART GLASS VASEThree weeks ago I decided I wanted totally new and different merchandise to offer my customers so I did a complete overhaul of the studio and ordered some beautiful items.

I also made my sister Cecelia send me new watercolors- and they are beautiful! I also made myself sit down and create some new work for the Open House. Sometimes I get so busy working on other people's stuff I forget to make my own. 

This year my love affair with pearls has continued. I am using pearls with some really flashy cut crystal glass beads. I love the contrast of the soft a subtle pearls with the sparkle of the glass beads. I have also been playing with quite a bit of turquoise too. 
Necklaces and bracelets mostly. I have been able to work them in between all of the custom earrings I have been making for clients!

 So here's a little preview of what you will find at my Santa Baby Open House. I hope you can join us!