Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady of the Purple Roses

This is what I have been working on this week. Inka from Altered Artifacts sent me some images a while ago and I have had ideas in my head on what to do with them. This week it all came together.

I used a collage technique I learned last summer at the Cloth Paper Scissors retreat in Chicago. I used roofing paper for my base. Then I used matte medium and a palette knife to glue my papers down. I used pages from very old books and sheet music. I love the color of old paper.

Inka sent me a digital collage page of wings that she called "wicked" she also posted a free printable on her blog of this Mourning Woman.

I printed two copies of the lady. I used some tulle with gold flecks in it, satin ribbon and antique tatted lace to give her gown some dimension. After gluing  the pieces in place I cut out the second lady print and cut away her paper gown and glued her on top of the first print. I then found a little jewelled link from a bracelet to create the buckle on her gown.

I chose the angel wings from the digital collage sheet Inka sent me and used a dark purple colored pencil to color them in. Now my lady was finished.

I added a Gothic arch with black acrylic paint and then using matte medium glued that down over the arch to soften it up a bit. I used some Japanese Kozo paper.

Last week In ordered some Tim Holtz rubber stamps- I am really getting into unmounted rubber stamps! Anyway- I figured my lady needed some birds above her head. And tiny satin roses at her feet. Here she is all finished.

 I have this vintage gold frame that I will be using to finish the piece.  After James builds up the back for me so I can get glass over her and there is room for the roses. This frame really isn't a frame it's an insert from a frame sop there isn't a rabbit on the back. (That's the groove on the back of a frame that you place the glass, picture and backing into then nail it in place)

THANK YOU INKA! You make the best digital images for me to play with!