Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where does it all go?

Time that is. When you are 15 times seems to stretch out before you for eons. Everything takes FOREVER to do or happen or get to. When you are 45 there doesn't ever seem to be enough time. When does it change? At what moment in time?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Tree People-

“I look at trees and I see people,Dancing in Celebration of our Mother, the Earth.Each Tree has a voice if only you will listen.We are all connected.”

I make these female figures out of dogwood branches and bits of recycled fabric and new fabric and maybe some paper mache or wire and there has to be beads of some sort. Each one takes on a personality. It isn't until I finish one that she finally aquires a name. This one is called Sonja- the wise one. Her face is old and time worn and yet serene. She looks like she has seen alot over the centuries yet she still has some hope left in her.

I guess I haven't outgrown dolls yet. I don't think I really ever will.

A gazillion and one publishers!

I wrote and illustrated this book. It's not the great American novel by any means but it's a good book. I did a google search about publishing companies.....holy book store batman! There are like a gazillion out there. How do you even begin?

This picture of tape reminds me of my mother. I laughed when I saw it. She spent years searching for tape and scissors in the house while we were growing up ( I have 10 siblings) and she said "someday when I'm dead you people (she always called us you people) are going to clean out this house and find a stash of scissors and tape because I swear they all disappear to the same place and I can never find them!"

When we cleaned out her house after she died, we found a bank bag with 22 pairs of scissors in it in the bottom drawer of her file cabinet. There was another bag in her night stand with 12 more pairs. I guess after we kids left home and she started really cleaning out spaces she found the missing scissors. It made me smile when we found them.

my first post

My best friend since the 4th grade has been after me to start a blog for awhile now.
She thinks I have alot to say and I just laugh and say who wants to read what I write? But oh well, I will do it anyway. So now that I have this forum I am feeling tongue tied. I guess the best thing to do is just jump right into it and figure it out along the way.