Monday, August 11, 2008

What's in your purse?

A few years back when out lunching out with my girlfriends we started discussing purses. I had just started buying vintage handbags at thrift stores and once in awhile I would find a "surprise" inside. Nothing as mundane as money. No, the items I found were things like old movie tickets, the wedding program of a couple who got married in 1967, the prom program from spring of 1962, a note to call Joe and a number. I got to thinking about my purse and what it said about me right at that moment. So each one of us started digging through our purses looking for atypical purse items. Carol won that round when she pulled out of her purse a baseball. Her son had given it to after the big game a few nights before and she hadn't bothered to take it out of her purse yet and holding that baseball she recounted his big moment as pitcher to win the game by catching a pop fly. How many trips down memory lane can you take by looking at old receipts and theater ticket stubs and errand lists and fortune cookie fortunes...So- what's in your purse?