Wednesday, February 02, 2011

falling in love...

I'm not ani-Valentine's Day by any means. I just have this different outlook on life. Last summer- (oh how I miss thee Summer)- I spent a weekend at an art retreat. Lot's of fun and ended up with these 6 x 6 inch canvas panels with interesting backgrounds. I enjoy workshops but there isn't enough time and you can't drag all your stuff with you on a airplane.

So yesterday as I was surfing through my snowday an idea popped into my head. This is the result~

Of course I used collage pieces from Inka's wonderful offerings on Etsy .I also have quite a collection of vintage photographs in my private stash of stuff.

I even managed to trick my printer into accepting a page from an old book to print my words on. Someday I am going to design a printer that does what I want it to do. Are you listening HP?