Saturday, August 19, 2006

Math Blind

The Monster in my Math Book

You know that dream that everyone has.
The one where you show up for class and it's the final exam and you have NO IDEA what it's all about?
And not only that you FORGOT to put on your shirt
so there you are in your BRA!
and you realize it right after to procter hands you the test.
So not only are you in a state of panic about the test but you are also trying to frantically cover yourself.

I don't have monsters under my bed, They live in my math book.

Do the Math!!!!!!! an altered book

I recently tried my hand at an altered book. After 25 years away from college I decieded to go back to finish out my teaching degree. So I had to take this class- Math for Elementary Teachers- YEAH RIGHT! This class brought back so many horrible memories of math classes and teachers I had in school. At 43 I figured I really didn't need to be humilated infront of my peers (again) because I just don't get it! Since I paid $80 for this stupid used book then it was all mine to do what I want with. Gleefully I glued pages together and cut out pages and tore pages and cut through pages. Talk about therapy. I wrote an open letter to my math teachers:

Dear (insert name here),
Thank you for making math insufferably miserable. There is nothing I enjoy more than being humilated in front of my peers. Oh, and by the way, that reward system you had, (insert gold star, candy, stickers etc. here)did nothing more than make me feel like a total failure. Thanks for everything!
Your student,