Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is it over? Really?

I just realized school starts in a little over a week and I haven't DONE anything this summer.

Where does the time go?

375 kids participated in art and craft classes this summer. Some days were pretty wild and crazy but we had a lot of fun. And it doesn't seem like it but this is my last week of summer classes.

One of my new classes this summer was Altered Doll Houses. We used cigar boxes to create miniature doll houses. There were two haunted houses, one mermaid house and a couple of wodland fairy houses. Who says kids today don't have an imagination?

Some of the details they put into their houses was amazing. Somer's haunted house has fourtune telling room with a crystal ball and a glow in the dark lantern. Her rocking chair wasade out of balsa wood.

Katie's mermaid house has a bed a mermaid would be proud of. made from two scallop shells and a shiney blue and silver blanket. She also made a sea shell framed mirror with a drift wood shelf and an armoire for all those mermaid accessories. The other room in her house is where her mermaid keeps all her treasures. This one is a work in progress because we keep finding things that would be perfect in the treasure room and keep adding to it.

I like the use of wood slices for tables and chairs in Melissa's woodland fairy house. The window with the half circle at the top in the blue room has a magazine picture behind it of an outdoor woods scene. 
This summer we built sand castles out of sand clay, tree houses out of branches and wove rugs using old t-shirts. We created pictures from broken bits of glass and picture frames from sea shells. We painted t-shirts and decorated canvas tennis shoes and made headbands that anyone would love to wear. We altered books and records and made lanterns from cupcake liners.....