Saturday, January 08, 2011

Here's My Heart!

A few months ago while surfing Etsy I came across a shop that I totally fell in love with. Altered Artifacts has an amazing shop. She creates collage sheets of vintage images and ephemera for artists to use in their artwork. I am also following her blog. Inka has a great shop, great blog and is a really nice person!

I volunteered to create some pieces using one of her new collage sheets. The theme of the collage sheet I was given to work with is called "Here's My Heart"

I am not a heart person. Never have been. So this was challenging for me to work with. That's a good thing because it made me work harder. Even though Inka said no deadline I put a self imposed one on me because I know what a procrastinator I can be.

The piece is called " I will love you forever". Back in August I attended a three day creative conference in Chicago. One of the classes was all about creating backgrounds using medias I had never played with before. I left the workshop with 10 6 x 6 canvas panels with some pretty interesting textures and layers on them. The background for this piece is one of those panels. It has layers of paper ephemera collaged over paint and then textured with bubble wrap and lace and this new product from Krylon called spray gesso (great stuff by the way!) The three cherubs are images from Altered Artifacts. The rest of the items in the collage were all found in the studio. The white rose and two butterflies are stickers, the stars and the large cherub at the bottom left of the collage are rubber stamps I had on hand. using StazOn Ink Pad in brown ( this too a wonderful product for rubber stamping on just about anything). In the upper right corner is a portion of a gold foil doily with a resin 3-D face.

The second piece I made for Altered Artifacts is an ATC (artist trading card) called "Be Mine"  The background for this ATC I made using a Distress Ink Pad by Tim Holz. These stamp pads give you a great grunge look. I  generally use these inks by rubbing it over the blank ATC card. in the upper right corner I used a calligraphic line stamp and then placed a pink flower made out of acrylic jewels. The two cherubs were cut from one the vintage valentines on the Altered Artifacts collage sheet. I covered over the hearts these two little darlings were holding with faceted red acrylic jewel hearts. Unfortunately my photo doesn't pick up the brilliance of these little gems.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Art Show 2011- Exploring the Coral Reef

I spent the past few days of my post holiday R&R thinking about the Spring Art Show. Once we get past the New Year times seems to speed up. Because I have over 60 students this year I have decided to have the Art Show in the Carroll Arts Council/Community Theatre Black Box. All sorts of bare walls just waiting to become a temporary art gallery and I really wanted something that would have that "WOW!" factor.

....after watching "Finding Nemo" for the "eleventeenth" time with my granddaughter Norah - I had a eureka moment! Why Not Create A Coral Reef? Brilliant!

With a little help from my associate, James, we are going to build a black light room in the CAC/CCT's little theater. This has me very excited. I get to combine my love of theatre with art. All of my students will contribute to the Coral Reef. I have one group slated to create some amazing branch coral in fluorescent colors, another group will concentrate on sea urchins while my high school students are down for tropical fish...I have yet to figure out the jelly fish and definitely have a handle on the sea turtles....totally...duude

Actually- at the rate the ideas are flowing right now I thibnk I have more projects than I do students to create them. But, that's OK, because it's better to have too many than not enough and some of them might turn out to be duds.