Thursday, July 28, 2011

AND just where have YOU been?

Iif you have stopped by the studio and have not found me here you are not stopping at the right time. It feels like I live here at times. Pulled a couple of late nights last week and went in over the weekend to get the place cleaned up. It was looking a bit rough around the edges out in the front room. In the meantime I have been working on some projects. I finally took the time to go out with my camera and play with it. Get to know it better.

I bought a new camera in December because my old one- which served me well- refused to work anymore. I didn't have the time to figure out all the new bells and whistles then so I was able to go out and do so today. I came across this in the lot behind the Mexican restaurant down the street. While messing around in photo shop I created this composition. My homage to Georgia O'Keefe. Her work is fascinating. She was an amazing woman who broke many biases and barriers in a male driven art world.

I also got a commission to create the cover for a children's musical CD called "Dogs, Frogs and Nature Songs" so I HAD to work on that piece because I had a deadline.

My inspiration for this piece was from one of my favorite artists/authors Eric Carle.  His work is so colorful and fresh and vibrant and ALIVE! Creating this piece made me appreciate his process even more. Most every line in the picture was made by cutting papers. Except the details around the dog face. I just couldn't cut the lines fine enough to make it look good.  And now they want me to create another piece for the CD itself- deadline Tuesday. I will get it done.

I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head it's good to finally get some of them out and onto paper.