Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Hillary Rodham Clinton autograph!

inside MY BAG!
This is what they wrote about my purse for the auction:
Leadership Leopard
The only woman running for President shows her leadership style in this purse.
Born in the 50’s, this bag has been updated with all vintage recycled materials including rhinestone-studded buttons and millinery trim. The artist, Laura Comito, says she waits for the bag to “speak to her” before beginning and “when you have gold lame you have to have leopard print.” She selected this bag for Hillary because “it speaks to me of power. It’s not frou-frou fluffy. It’s feminine, it’s powerful. So’s Hillary.” Autographed on the inside, it’s the perfect accessory for the Inaugural Ball.
Donor: Hillary Clinton Value: Priceless

Hillary Clinton and Me or my bag actually!

When Hillary was in Iowa last month Christie Vilsack sent one of her(Hillary's) aids in Des Moines to an art gallery in Valley Junction that I sell my work in- The Lagniappe – she wanted the aid to purchase a purse that was made by an Iowa artist. The Lagniappe called me and asked if I had any cool purses made- I told them I had this vintage handbag with a gold lame handle that I covered in leopard print and embellished with vintage millinery trim and rhinestone buttons- they said that’s the perfect purse for Hillary. I had no idea why I was sending them a purse just figured a customer was looking for something in my style so I mailed it and forgot about it. What a duh moment on my part- I should have put two and two together and figured out that it was THE Hillary. The United Way of Johnson County Iowa called me two weeks later for more information on the purse- asking if Hillary actually came and picked out the purse herself. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head- Hillary Clinton was the person they were talking about. Hillary autographed my purse on the inside and then donated it to the United Way of Johnson County’s “Power of the Purse” auction. My purse raised $625 for their fundraiser.