Monday, February 11, 2008

Passports ready and here we are!

We grabbed the passports and went to Ancient Egypt. Here's the group showing off their artifacts! Come join us for Art Around the World. You never know where we'll end up next! I was alot of fun having my nices and nephew stop by and have fun with us!

...and in the Afternoon...

The Ladies of Harley- as in Harley Davidson. These ladies had a great time making this suncatcher that I designed just for them. It features the Harley wings and the front wheel, handlebars and headlight of a Harley.

Ancient Egypt in the Morning

It was a busy Saturday in the studio. In Art Around the World we visited Ancient Egypt. I have been collecting Egyptian artifacts and novelties for years and the kids enjoyed trying on my treasures. The kids made their own "beaded headbands" and I gave each one a cartouche of their name in hieroglyphics.