Thursday, March 14, 2013

You don't ask -you don't get

I heard that years ago on a TV program. It has stuck with me ever since.
You don't ask - you don't get
Because, as I am often reminding my children- even though I am the Mom and i do know everything I am not a mind reader.
So here I am- tossing this out to the Universe because what do I have to lose, eh?

I need a bigger studio.
I have outgrown my space.
I have had to turn down students because I don't have enough space for them - I have empty slots to fill I just don't have the physical space for them.
I could add more sessions and teach every night until 8PM- or I could add Saturday classes.
I could- but I am pretty sure I would burn out.
And I am torn too- I love my studio space I am currently in.

BUT-I want, need, must have a bigger space.

I have my eye on one.

 It would triple the size of my studio now. 
Good location, plenty of parking and an area for doing outside messy stuff in the summer, plenty of storage too.
The front third of the space would be gallery/retail space.
The middle space would be two classrooms -side by side- with double doors that open between them to the space could be used for larger group events.
The back space would hold a small theatre space- a black box- and then the rooms behind that would be storage for costumes/props etc... and the black box area would have doors that open into the classrooms so you have room backstage during shows.
What? Why a theatre? My other full time ( unpaid) job is president of our Arts Council and Community Theatre.
 Professional Volunteer. But I wouldn't do it if I wasn't passionate about it and believe in how important the arts and creativity aer to children. And we sold the building we own and need a new home and since I take care of pretty much all the building needs and costume rentals and such it makes sense to put us under one roof right?
What's holding me back?
Money. They want too much money for a building that needs about $25,000 worth of work to it inside and out- things like updating the electrical entrance, replacing all the florescent tube lights because I guess replacement bulbs won't be available anymore. And ripping out yards of 1970's industrial orange carpet. ( I want to leave the floors cement and acid wash them- how cool is that?)
My Business Partner.
Me- sort of- because I LOVE my old space.
But I am pretty sure I could love a new space.
So what do you say Universe? 
I am asking!