Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is my list

I have two file cabinets in the studio filled with files of  'IDEAS' - torn from magazines, photocopied from books, written on yellow legal I have Pinterest - oh glory days- I do love Pinterest! I spend quite a bit of time there happily pinning ideas to my boards and creating virtual files filled with 'IDEAS'!

My number of pins has just about caught up to my tweets

I have noticed that some ideas out there are getting repinned quite a bit. So, I created this top ten list of pins trending on Pinterest ( Disclaimer: no statistical analysis or margin of error or any of that stuff was used in creating my list so if you don't like my choices make your own list and blog about it OK?)

  1. umbrellas
  2. owls
  3. peacock feathers
  4. felt
  5. paper, felt, fabric flowers
  6. cowboy boots
  7. books- cut up, painted, distressed and otherwise altered
  8. crowns
  9. giraffes
  10. clocks

BTW- I am slowly purging my file cabinets of  'IDEAS' and putting them in my recycling bin and filling my files with 'IMAGES' to use in my collage work.