Thursday, April 05, 2012

Anything is Possible

So I didn't win the big grant from Intuit- that's OK.

What if I could design my dream studio anyway-what would it look like?
What would I have in it? Such possibility....

Let's begin at the front of the studio and work our way back

Big windows suitable for designing awesome displays - double paned and energy efficient
the door needs to be a screen door and then a door so I can have my door open on nice days without getting leaves and pigeon feathers blowing in. I love fresh air!

If this place was big enough it could a cooperative space where other creative people could have space to work and collaborate. Like Camp Omaha Co working

The store space can be pretty much what it is now with light wood floors and and enough open space for  my loom and all it's accessories. Plus a space to have a sewing machine out at all times- for making Zombie Pets and designing these tops I have had floating around in my head for the past 4 years! Or when a student needs to sew some paper for one of their projects.

A reading area with all my art reference books and magazines and a computer for looking things up. Yes, you would be welcome to stop by and go through my books and borrow one or two - as long as you bring them back. A table here would be nice to have so you can spread out as you do research. It would be social and working at the same time.

A fireplace in this room for when it's really cold out because weaving and fireplaces go so well together. And I spend so much time in my studio I would get more use out of it than at home :)
The class room would be big enough for 10 people to move around comfortably with ample storage of supplies plus storage for projects. There would be a place for coats and backpacks too! And two sinks -deep ones! And one with as commercial spray hose. Cement floors like I have now are critical. The kids are more comfortable when they don't have to worry about keeping the floor pretty. In fact an art room floor with some paint splatters adds character in my humble opinion.  There would also be space to store recycled materials - like cardboard tubes, and plastic lids and containers, egg cartons and other disposable stuff. Some people are savers and they need a place to donate the excess stuff!  If you were a teacher and you needed a dozen or more egg cartons wouldn't it be great to have a place to go where you could get some- without sending out tons of notes home begging parents to save it for you?

Don't forget the kitchenette - it's own area with an apartment sized fridge and freezer. And space for microwave, toaster oven and iced tea maker and a mini bar sink.

Then there would be an outside space part sun part awning shaded with a water source too - preferably with a deep utility sink. This is where we could do really messy things like batik, wool spinning,  tie dye and paper making. We could set things out in the sun to let them dry faster. I might even consider teaching adult classes if I had a space like this. We could drink wine and create. Have art retreats over a weekend.
And of course there needs to be a table with comfy chairs to sit and visit with friends who stop by.

Lots of parking for everyone who drops off or picks up kids for classes so they don't have to cross the street.  And outside the front of the building a place for outdoor murals that would change as often as we created them.

Oh I could keep going ......

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Color me happy!

Two weeks ago I was gifted with some pretty awesome stuff. Antique picture frames- very ornate- and some with just enough character (chipped plaster) to appeal to my style. A couple of  vintage candle chandeliers (do I leave them shabby off white or totally go wild and paint them in -your -face pink?) A few other assorted items and a stack of sheet music.

I have had quite a lot happening in the studio lately with getting the summer schedule figured out and a  counter filled with repair orders. So everything pretty much was left right where I put it when I walked in the door. I finally got it all organized and put away so it didn't look quite as much like a flea market in here.

As I was stacking the sheet music into a neater pile I unearthed these beauties.

I LOVE coloring books and these are even better because these are REAL MOVIE STARS.
OK- Doris Day not so much- I never liked her or her movies but Elizabeth Taylor and Esther Williams...HUGE SIGH.....

 I spent hours and hours with my box of crayons and coloring books. So imagine my genuine pleasure when I saw these. Yes some of the pages have been colored- by a very neat and particular young lady who put pieces of tissue paper between the pages she colored to keep them neat. OH be still my heart! I can just picture her in 1954-55 ( copyright of these books) in her rolled up dungarees and sneakers dreaming about movie stars. The Esther Williams book is not only a coloring book but also a PAPER DOLL book too with not one but TWO PAPER DOLLS! I loved watching Esther Williams movies- I couldn't swim but she made it look so glamorous and sexy. And none of them have been cut out. I am pretty sure she was saving them for a special occasion.

I f my mom were still alive I am pretty sure she would have told me she had coloring books just like them and maybe we would have sat down and colored some pages together. She often told me stories about writing postcards to MGM stars and getting autographed photos back in return and how she would spend Saturday afternoons at the matinees.

These coloring books are over sized with hard covers on them and the paper quality is so much better than what it is today.

Sigh.....color me  happy and oh so nostalgic