Sunday, February 13, 2011

here's the me decide

I need finish this piece called "Curiouser and curiouser" James made me a wooden pin and I have a brass ring that I will be attaching to the back of the piece so it will look like a pocket watch. My plan is to then attach a chain to the ring that will hang on the wall draped beside the watch. My big question is what to use for the fob?

I have three different ideas floating around inside my head.
  1. A small glass bottle with a blue ribbon tied around it's neck and a tag that says "Drink Me"
  2. A vintage tea cup and saucer
  3. A playing card minion.
Please leave a comment and let me know which one YOU think it should be.

I just can't decide!



I think it is just stunning as is but if I had to choose I would pick the tea cup :)

Jenxo said...

i think it looks flying in from owoh...thanks for commenting on my blog.....