Saturday, January 15, 2011

and what will you do with all that stuff?

When I make a decision to deep clean and re-arrange the gallery space in the studio it takes about a week to get it just right. Which means it looks like I am either moving in or moving out! Tomorrow I am getting a new display unit. I've been thinking about buying a new one for awhile because my needs have changed since I moved into this building. This display case just fell into my lap and it was FREE! Free is good! I have also acquired a really neat wooden trellis/gate and since it'll be another 5 months before I can put it in the backyard I am going to store it in the studio in the front window. I have some interesting ideas for a window display with it and some chili pepper lights and of course my umbrella skeleton and all those gears and empty frames....I will post pictures when it's finished OK?

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