Friday, December 03, 2010

I just love a party!

Last night was my first Open House in the studio. We had so much fun. My besties- Sherry and Susan wore black dresses and stunning necklaces. Sherry wore this lovely Robin Rush rhinestone piece I have and Susan wore a necklace I designed just for her in purple- her favorite color. We were dripping in sparkles.  I of course wore my tiara.

Susan's crystals and pearls
One of the guests suggested I declare That from now on it shall be known as Tiara Tuesday and  Tiara Thursday. I just might- because I can. It was such fun to watch the ladies "oooh" and "ahhh" over the baubles in the studio. I got to visit with some friends I haven't seen in awhile too. Which is always very nice. 

Siberian Soap Co
One of the hits of the evening were the artisan soaps made by Ann Stuadt from Ames, Iowa. These wonderfully scented creations delighted everyone who stood by the table. There will be a lot of nice smelling people happening around here if the number of bars that went home are any indication. Siberian Soap Co. is brand new and the big debut was at my open house. All the soaps are plant-based and nature inspired. She even has soap for dogs! I have the Zen Garden bar sitting on my desk so I can pick it up and smell it when I need a refreshing break- it is so calming and so wonderful. Ann also makes salt and sugar scrubs and lip balms. The Siberian Soap Co. has a permanent home at the studio and so far Zen Garden is my favorite...but the Harvest Moon is pretty delightful too as is the Cedar Wood Sage...... I will just have to try them all at home. 
Sherry's Robin Rush necklace

Susan, Sherry , Ann and I were kept very busy all night helping our guests find the perfect gift or filling out their wish list so they could receive the perfect gift. I am already planning my next party. Valentine's Day? I already told Ann to come up with some sexy smelling soaps and some kissable lip balm flavors. Hmmmm...Valentine Vixen Party....? I'll let you know.

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