Monday, May 22, 2006

Drive Through Mastectomies !

A year ago today I underwent a biopsy for a suspicious lump in my breast. It was a tumor and came out benign much to my relief. It was done as an outpatient procedure. I was put totally under but still was sent home a few hours later groggy and sore. That was bad enough but now insurance companies are advocating 'drive through mastectomies' for women with breast cancer. Making this invasive surgery an out patient procedure. I am outraged! Please, if you care about all the women (and men too!) in your life who might have to go through this please sign this petition doing so, you'll ensure that women who are diagnosed with breast cancer won't have to worry about being forced out of the hospital after undergoing a mastectomy! The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2005 will guarantee that women and their physicians, not insurance companies, will decide when they are ready to go home. So voice your support now — with your signature. Lifetime will deliver your signature, along with the millions of others, to Congress. Please add your name to the list to help get this legislation passed.

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