Saturday, October 17, 2015

coloring outside the lines is encouraged

You know what I like more than anything? proving to people that they CAN make art. We've had some pretty skeptical people in the studio lately who were dragged to Happy Hour Art by their friends kicking and screaming because they just can't do it.
Nonsense I say.
Here are the rules of the studio:
1. Color outside the lines
2. There are no mistakes in art
3. Happy Accidents
and the Supreme Rule
ART: Break all the rules
So don't let something someone in authority said to you back in the day stop you from exploring your creativity today.
Art is necessary.
Art is fun.
Art is therapy.
Art is good for you.
This painting was chosen recently for a private party:

When I asked if everyone wanted to use the colors in the samples one person spoke up and said she wanted fall colors. Ok I can do that. And a big harvest moon....that works.....and the trees not as stylized maybe more tree like....and the rest of the group chimed in - yeah I want that too. I had two choices- I could panic or I could make it work. I chose to make it work and I painted along with the class. They got to see me develop an idea, make some mistakes, paint over them and add in some of this and some of that until we ended up with this:
nothing at all like the sample BUT that's OK! Everyone was on board to jump in and learn together. We were definitely coloring outside the lines that night. So don't be afraid - come in and give our Happy Hour Art classes a try.
And if you can't quite bring yourself to come to the studio and make art take baby steps. Get yourself a coloring book for adults and some colored pencils.
I am happy to report that those people who were scared walked out of here with a beautiful painting and a huge smile on their face.


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