Monday, August 31, 2015

stop pinning and start doing

I'm a Pinterest junkie. With over 5000 pins I would say I have a problem. I'm like a book geek in a book store, or library, or book get the idea.
The problem is I do an awful lot of pinning, but I don't DO much with what I've pinned. It's like hoarding DIY projects for later and later never comes. 
I pinned this several months ago. 

Pretty cool isn't it and I like maps and globes and I was kicking myself for donating the globe my mom had for years in the house when I moved in- WHAT was I THINKING!.  Then I stumbled across a globe in a second hand store. 

And it rolled around the studio for a few months. It didn't have a stand but it did have that metal ring on it. Which took an enormous amount of effort to remove until I discovered that a new saw blade is  magic. Pure magic.

Breaking apart the globe is like cracking an egg. You keep bouncing it on the seam- gently - until it separates. Did you know that most globes are made out of cardboard? Me either.

 I painted the inside white because it was t shirt gray and that's not a very attractive color for this project. I also stared at it for a few weeks and thought - that's pretty boring. More people will see the inside than the outside.

So I decided it needed more. Because well, it's me and I can't just let something be boring. So I got out my printed tissue papers- printed with vintage maps of course- and my gel medium and transformed the inside from boring to better. And, as if THAT wasn't enough after I wired the fixture in it I got a reproduction "vintage"  light bulb. 

Can we say "light bulb" moment?  
It's available for purchase- just contact me. 

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