Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Singing in the kitchen

I won't be open December 25th.
I also won't be open on the 26th or for the rest of the week.


Yes I know it's the 2nd biggest shopping day when people go out and spend their Christmas money.

I don't care.

You see, my kids will be home for Christmas. All four of them. At the same time.

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It's been several years since that has happened. And I am going to enjoy it.

The food, the laughter, the stories.
The late night soul searching conversations.
The snarky comments.
The glasses of wine.
The tears.
The hugs.

I love those four people that I brought into this world more than I can ever put into words.
When they were still living at home circumstances were such that I had to divide my time into so many pieces that I felt there was never enough of it to properly go around.

if I could turn back time...
I would read them more stories
I would dance around the living room with them
I would really focus on what they were saying instead of with a distracted ear because there was always so much to do

I will spend the majority of that time in the kitchen- feeding my soul to over flowing because it has to last a long time. Until the next time all four of them will be home again.
At the same time.

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