Tuesday, June 18, 2013

in pursuit of the elusive grease pencil

Over the past several months my work has taken a turn into interesting territory. I work in mixed media and collage. Sometimes I need to add some definition to a piece. Last winter I grabbed this wax pencil I had in my stash.

 I think I picked them up at the thrift store for .50
I am always picking up odds and ends at the thrift store and using them in my work.

anyway- I used the pencil in the piece and then blended it in with my fingers and it was amazing- it was just the grungy dirty edged look I was going for.

Sooooo........now here I am and I need some definition but soft edge blending but NOT black. Or yellow. or White.

I have spent countless hours searching for grease pencils in bright colors. HOURS! I know someone out there has to make them. I found all sorts of vintage ones on eBay. Found a website all in Japanese. And one form South Korea that was written in Korean then translated into English which made for amusing reading but I didn't want to place an order because I wasn't 100% sure.

Then this afternoon I found exactly what I was looking for

I ordered some of each color and now I just have to wait until they get here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Laura,

I've been hunting for these grease pencils ever since Muji stopped making them. Your link is much appreciated, a great find! :-)