Friday, September 07, 2012

No Wedding Bell Blues here!

A week ago today a young lady walked into the studio and said-

 " I need your help"

"Tell me what you need"

" I am getting married and I need bridesmaids gifts..."

"How about..." "I don't want jewelry."

Okaaay then- so we proceeded to talk about what she DID want - it needed to be different and personal and really cool - After two hours of conversation and looking at all sorts of stuff we came up with an idea.

"So when is the wedding?'  (thinking I had plenty of time)

"oh yeah- next Saturday- can you get them done by then?"

I hate letting people down so I said yes.  And she was a Happy Bride and started walking out the door then turned around and said ...

"I don't suppose you can make a necklace can you?"
"For you?"

and with a shy smile she said "Yeah- I know what I want but can't find it" then she pulled a picture up on her phone and showed me what she was looking for.

"Can you make me something like this?"

I pulled out strands of beads and started draping them on the mannequin. An hour later she said "That's it! Messy and chunky with a little color!" and she walked out with a bounce.

This is one of  what we came up with for her three bridesmaids - who happen to be her sisters. She had me make collages for them out of vintage magazine pages that reflected each sisters' personality. This one is for the sister who lives in New York and is very much into fashion and jewelry and is in love with her city. The magazine page was from an article on the latest fashions to hit New York from Paris from Delineator Magazine July 1919.

She picked them up this morning with one of her sisters and the look on the Bride and the Sister Bridesmaid faces were priceless.

They loved it! The collages- the necklace. I love my job!

Then there were the shoes. This Bride told her mother I am going to find my shoes first- and then we will look at dresses. And that is what she did. She is getting married June 2013 and she brought me in her shoes because they needed to get "dressed up" a bit. 

A row a Swarkovski crystals and this Bride is waltzing out the door.....LOVE my job!

This Bride was looking for something for her hair and she had pretty good ideas of what she wanted. So I asked if she could sit in the studio and we could design something together right then and there. So I made it on the spot and she had lots of input as I worked on it. It turned out beautiful. And she was another Happy Bride. 

Yeah- it's a great gig!

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artistamyjo said...

You have a delightful job,beautiful items. Love them all!