Friday, August 26, 2011

The Studio and New Hope Village

I have been asked to help New Hope Village - a wonderful facility where people with disabilities can live with dignity and support- create some sensory panels for their campus.

What is a sensory panel? Glad you asked-Our senses give us the information we need to function in this world- taste, smell, touch, sound,sight. People with disabilities often have one or more of their senses impaired thus keeping them from fully experiencing the world. Remember when you were a kid and you played with play dough or made mud pies or played in the sprinkler as if it were a rain shower? All of these are sensory experiences. For this project we will be creating panels with different textures, colors, and shapes for people to explore with their hands and eyes. Some panels will be able to create sounds and others smells...all in a non threatening way. (Sensory Fence)

Why did I volunteer my time and talent for such a project?

It runs in my family. My oldest brother was not only autistic but severely mentally disabled. When he was alive places like New Hope Village did not exist. I wish they did.

My daughter has a form of autism as does my nephew. I am pretty passionate about working for people who just don't fit in. Autism is like that- you can't SEE anything but it's there. There were many tears watching Kelsey grow up. She had to work twice as hard to fit in, to make friends, to be 'normal'. ( Even though Kelsey and I both know that normal is just a cycle on the dishwasher!)

I have created a board on Pinterest filled with ideas for this project. I am planning on getting my art students involved in the project too!

You can help with this project. Vote for Artworks Studio HERE- your vote can help me win a grant to help renovate my studio to make more room for bigger projects like this one so I can give back to my community. Thank you!

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