Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oceans, mermaids and crowns

For someone who is afraid of water and does not know how to swim I sure have a fascination with the ocean. I have only visited ocean three times twice off the coast of New Jersey and once in Italy. I am afraid of swimming pools but not afraid of the ocean. I could watch it for hours. My love of the deep blue is reflected alot in my work. I once created a mermaid out of Plexiglas, wire, copper screen and aluminum that was 7 feet tall.  Those seas shells were bigger than the palm of my hand. Here is is 10 years ago hanging in the window of The Lagniappe . I think someone bought her and took her to Kansas City.  I make "Zombie" fish and frequently use the beach as a theme when teaching drawing to my students. This year I have created a n exhibit for my Student Art Show called the coral reef. All year my students have been creating pieces just for the roof. Origami clams, branch coral and sea stars, sea turtles, jelly fish, sea urchins and tropical fish. Very nice- but then I had to add a twist to it- this exhibit will be viewed under black lights. I have been working on it the past week.

Another project I have been working on are crowns. Love, love, love crowns. I am pretty sure in a former life I was a princess. So here is my mermaid crown using Plexiglas, wire, beads, cheese cloth and RHINESTONES! Pretty cool huh? This one isn't perfect and I need to tweak the bending process some but I am pretty pleased with the results.


artistamyjo said...

You must have been a Princess,the crowns are adorable and that mermaid is awesome. Hugs, Amy

Jennifer said...

I love your crowns! We need to have a little crown swap. What do you say? Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your sweet comments. Thanks for some great inspiration.