Monday, February 07, 2011

Getting "Dolled" UP!

I have had a couple of very nice young ladies - with impeccable taste for fun and fashion- approach me in the last few weeks. They each want me to create something unique just for them. One is for college graduation and the other is for high school prom.

I love a challenge! And the chance to cut loose and have fun- because "FUN" was the emphasis from both young ladies.

The soon to be college grad- Cece- sent me a picture of her graduation shoes- ABSOLUTELY LOVE
 Aren't they wonderful and fun! So what Cece wants is a necklace to go with the shoes. Something equally fun and flirty and one of a kind.

A week later in walks KT B. She has this pair of sandals for prom and wants them to have more pizazz and fun.

Cece - meet- KT B; KT B. - meet- Cece!

So many ideas - so many directions to go....

Needless to say I have been very busy surfing Etsy for all sorts of unique embellishments I can use to create something wonderful for these two fashionistas!

Foe Cece's bib style necklace I am going to start with this lace piece for the base and embellish it with vintage rhinestones, shabby organza roses and - if I can find it some finely pleated  satin ribbon plus a few other fun dangly things.

 For KT B's sandals I have my eye on these bows to start with....I'll know for sure as soon as she brings me her dress and other accessories.

It is going to be so much fun! Keep checking back- I will post pictures of the finished pieces!

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