Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser!

I have been busy on eBay recently. I haven't been able to get to some of my favorite junky haunts so eBay has to be my stand in. I won a bid for a lot of clock faces. They arrived Monday and they were delightful. No idea what I want to do with them but that has never been an issue before. One of the pieces is 16" across with a pearl finished clock face and marked "Made in West Germany". The cool thing about this clock face is that it had a hinged frame attached to it with the bubble glass still in place. This got me to thinking......

a couple of months ago I purchased some collage sheets from my favorite Etsy seller Altered Artifacts  an Alice in Wonderland Articulated Paper Puppet Theatre. Three sheets of wonderful full color images from the John Tenniel illustrations.

I added some other embellishments that I had in the studio. A miniature glass bottle with a cork, a gold key, an interesting watch face that I liberated a while ago from an ugly watchband, and some paper flowers.

I am almost finished with the piece. I am working on making a stem  for the top with a ring and a chain so it will hang on the wall and look like an over sized pocket watch of "Wonderland"  I am kicking around ideas for a watch fob to hang from the chain. Tea pot? Key? Top Hat? If any of you have an idea leave a comment. I am open to suggestions!

Close up of "Curiouser and curiouser!"



How incredible! I am so inspired! You have captured all the charm and wimsey of wonderland! I was so impressed that I posted a link from my blog too! Who knows... maybe you have started something... lol

artistamyjo said...

This is so over the top creative!!
I love what you've done.........beautiful.
You hooked me... now I'm a new follower.

Sarah said...

You are the new queen of Wonderland. Amazing clock!

artworks_studio said...

You are all just too nice. I have been over at Inka's Etsy shop trying to choose my next playdate!

Electra said...

These are beautiful!!