Thursday, November 04, 2010

Smith Corona Manual Typewriter circa 1930

Yep. I have one. What an amazing piece. Shiny black, sleek lines, perfectly round's a beauty. I was digging around in the basement looking for some more steam punk type items for my front display and there it was. In the original case with the cleaning brush and owners manual. I love old typewriters. Keyboarding is just not the same as the click clack of keys hitting the batten a ringing bell and the ziiiiiiiip! sound of moving the carriage back across the page for the next line. I am searching for someone who repairs old typewriters. This one isn't broken it just needs a cleaning and a new ribbon. I am going to use it for my cards. No more fonts to look like my mother's typewriter for me from now on. I am using the real deal. In fact I am going to start typing letters to my daughters who are away at college. There was nothing quite like getting a typed note from Mom in the mail- even if it was on Bill Comito Insurance memo paper in triplicate. Every third letter you'd get the original and my other two sisters who were in college same as me would get the other two copies. Oh yeah- and she'd always sign her name in purple ink. I kept every one she sent.


Writer said...

Hi! I just got the same typewriter for my birthday but it's started jamming and I was wondering if I gave you some details if you could look it up in your owners manual? Mine didn't come with one and I can't find on online. Thank you!


Laura Comito said...

@Writer I will try to help. I can also make a copy of the manuel and mail it to you if you want so you have one.