Wednesday, September 29, 2010

desperately seeking .....

....your stuff. Seriously. In my classes we use a lot of weird and unusual stuff to create our masterpieces. So if you are doing some cleaning and would like to re-cycle some of your stuff. Please do not hesitate to drop it off at the studio. Here's a list of items I am collecting for future projects with my students.

cancelled postage stamps
old sheet music
greeting cards- any holiday or subject
 small doll accessories- you know- unmatched shoes, dishes, gloves, brushes all that tiny stuff that you always manage to step on with bare feet.
tiny trinkets- the stuff you get out of gumball machines and the empty bubbles they come in
misc. game board pieces- wood or plastic
bottle caps
misc.broken jewelry or single earrings
wine corks
silk flowers
empty matchboxes
1/2 gallon empty jugs

plastic bottle caps of all sizes
aluminum tea light holders (save after burning candles)
beautifully shaped wine bottles in an assortment of shapes and sizes
toilet paper rolls
large round opaque bottles, such as those for bleach/cleaning fluid

and if you are cleaning out your craft cupboard and don't know what to do with those odds and ends of scrap papers and ribbons and stickers....

You get the idea.

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