Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What to do for the youngster's birthday?

I have been approached recently asking if I do birthday parties. My first thought was no way! then I thought oh wait- I get to pick the activity and there is NO cake or ice cream at the studio so why not?

I put together three parties. The first one involved 9-10 year old girls. We made Artist Trading Cards (ATC's). Each party girl made 8 ATC's - one to keep and 7 to trade within the group. Lots of giggling and glue and sequins later we ended up with a pretty impressive set of cards. Mom agreed the party was a success!

The second party involved 7-9 year olds and was mixed boys and girls. We made paper dolls or "action figures" depending on your gender. (GI Joe was a DOLL!) This one was alot more fun because these kids were much less inhibited. We had purple hair and one boy used leopard print paper for his hair. The clothes were mixed stripes and plaids and prints all on one doll. I really enjoyed this group of kids!

What was best about both parties is the prep was pretty low stress. I have plenty of scrap ephemera and colorful papers on hand from my own projects. Just had to make sure the scissors were sharp and the glue supply was plentiful.

The third party involved 12-14 year old girls. We made Art Dolls. This one was more challenging but still fun. The party girl is one of my students so I knew the group could handle it. I gave them unbleached muslin dolls, the big bin of fabric scraps and fabric glue. The results were amazing.

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