Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Art Won't Match Your Sofa!

Unbelievable. It has happened before but every time it does I still sit back in amazement and wonder why I do this? Someone just walked into my studio this morning and said she was looking for an abstract painting. Ok- I'll go along with it...
So what kind of abstract painting are you looking for?

Oh something in rainbow colors with a beige-y background I'm trying to match it to something....and she glanced around the room...

I don't think...

Well, it doesn't look like you have what I am looking for... and she walked out the door.

I wanted to run after her and shout STOP! GOOD ART WON'T MATCH YOUR SOFA!!!!

But instead I sat down and just shook my head. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

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