Thursday, September 20, 2007

a portrait of an artist...

A few weeks ago as I was surfing for projects for my art students I came across this self portrait contest. The Judith P Smith self portrait contest was started by her family after Judith took her own life in 1978. The contest funds a scholarship in her name at Drake University in Des Moines, IA to help defray the expense of art supplies for one art student. Who was she and why did she take her own life? I wonder...did she suffer from depression as many of my creative friends do? If she could come back and paint her self portrait what would it look like?

This contest resonated with me alot. The black and white charcoal drawing is a self portrait from my college days- before I knew I was depressed. The rest was painted, colored, drawn, collaged...etc... over this past year. The sunflowers at the bottom are a tribute to Vincent VanGogh- he had the loving support of his family and still took his own life. This piece is hanging in my studio and the reactions to it are wonderful to observe because each person brings a little bit of them self to the picture. What would your self portrait look like right now?

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