Tuesday, August 21, 2007


That's right. After three years in the same spot I am moving my studio to a new location. I am excited about the move. The space has wonderful lighting and is closer to the heart of downtown and just "feels right". I HATE moving! There I said it. I know hate is a strong word but I really do intensely dislike moving! Why move you ask? I need space to teach private art classes in. I started teaching privately in 1982. I stopped in 2000 because I needed a break, and my mom was requiring more care. I am ready to go back to it. I forgot how much energy working with kids generates. I have my curriculum written and planned out, my supplies on order and just waiting now to get to the end of the month so I can move. I will post some of the kids projects through the year here and at artsonia.com Now if we could just fast forward to August 31st......

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