Friday, April 13, 2007

Try this at home...

I’m one of those people who collect things. You never know when you might be able to actually DO something with them. I found myself with quite a collection of seashells, drift wood colored glass marbles and sea glass all collecting dust in the house. After one trip to the lumber yard for a bag of fine white sand I set about creating my own personal beach outside the front door of the studio. I have this space where it’s supposed to be landscaped with white rock – and it was- along time ago. The white rock has slowly disappeared over the years- I have no idea where it went- but I was left with this shabby looking space. The perfect place for my beach! I poured white sand over what was left of the rocks. Gathered up all my sea shells, driftwood and glass marbles and placed them on top of the sand. For a splash of color I moved two of my potted geraniums to my “beach” and worked them down into the sand to make it look as if they had been there forever. Everyone who comes into the studio comments on my beach, children especially like it and frequently ask if they can have a shell or a rock. Just like a real beach there is an ebb and flow with the waves and shells get replaced by new ones that I find as I wander through thrift stores and flea markets. For a quick escape I can look at my beach and pretend for a few moments that I am someplace else. No worries.

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