Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where has the summer gone?

You know how you start summer off with all these plans and ideas- things you want to do and things you know you are going to get done and the next thing you know it's the 4th of July and then it's the first of August and the kids go back to school in a few short weeks. That's my summer. It seems as if it's like this every summer. But I don't have any regrets. So the kitchen didn't get painted because we spent as much free time at the cabin as we could and the house looks a bit mussed because we went to the baseball games instead of deep cleaning. Which memories will my kids hold onto? The immaculate house or lazy summer afternoons reading books on the dock or bobbing on a raft in the lake? The smell of ripe tomatoes fresh from the vine and sweet basil, corn on the cob and bacon for the BLT sandwhiches and stacks of books. Those are my summer memories when I was growing up. I am making some memories for my children

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